In Memory of Ali Khaghani

 In loving memory (July 2, 1966- October 2012)

Me, the moment, and your words….

Last night; betrayed by the strain in the beam

I’d nearly fall from grace

Undermined by the unrelenting song of doubts

Knees bent, pulse rattled, soul shaken, and mind

In recession

My shadow shudders as the night serenades

Me to the reverbs of your delicate plea

Compelling, longing, my heart yearning for

Your touch, aching for the hunger in your lust

Nostalgic the accent of love, for one moment

Through this surplus of time

Your words encircled the wagons, I laid silent

Reveling in intimacy, the nightly conjuring of

Despair, frolic the ghost that prey upon my

Memories like a predator

Lifetimes in fray with this madness that feigns


Suddenly the rare prospect of fear revitalized me

My eyes shut I’d allow your voice to intoxicate me

Slow to sink in the big hush

The words dance, swirl and sing, painting

Murals of passion and pain, the portrait of a love

Made legendary

The fevered moment archived every tear to ever

Spoil the pages of my memory

All the kisses and promises scattered in the wind

The tracks washed away in the rain, nothing

Remains but the tainted blood on my lips and

The lush lipstick soiled on my kiss

Ravished by intimate strangers, scantly remnants

Of a nirvana entrenched in wounds, trussed by the

Faint echo of you, translucent ink, subtle hues

The moment seized my foreboding restraints only

Sympathetically, and for just one moment …

The moment my dreams became reality

Your words consumed me, warmth tendered

For a second they’d be just what I need

All I’d ever known, that which I cherished most

They’d become what I fear, what I want

For one moment they were me

Clarity so lucid it hurt my eyes

The moment liberated my dreams

Fleeing as I’d finally felt whole again

When the dreaded eternity seemed less than


Abrupt as it began it’d be over suddenly

My heart stolen, the ghost deceased

I’m host to this most precious conspiracy

Wings spread, anxious to leap and soar on

Butterfly wings, it all vanished, your delicate

Song never to be heard again

And I hanging by the reverbs; dangled from the

Strain, desperately clinging to life and limb

All your gracious lessons, taught me humility

Words delivered synergy, a deeper grasp of my


Proffered by this beloved art of expression

Your gift of eternal consummation united him

And I here inside and out, yet forevermore.


5 thoughts on “In Memory of Ali Khaghani”

  1. I will pause this night to celebrate his life… Your verse describes a significant influence and connection with a very beautiful being…
    I wish you healing from your loss and reunification in a place beyond time!

  2. Giving respect to someone’s valuable contributions is really appreciable.
    As long as someone valuable contributions are alive, that person is always alive.

  3. I am so saddened to hear of the loss of a beautiful soul. Thank you for keeping his legacy alive.

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