Through water colored rainbows, lemon chiffon skies, Nymphs Play... thought to be sleeping, painting mischief behind the guise of closed eyes. Oh how they giggle in their dream state... secrets keeping Much too tired to fly they say, always up for peeping.


His whisper comes in the stillness of the night, on gentle breezes, yet gone by morning's light. Words of seduction he whispers in my ear, his voice soft and low, but his needs made clear. Hanging on his every word, I place them in my heart, as I wait for sleep to come and dreams… Continue reading Whispers

Release Me

So long, in this space…encased within a veil of silence, serving a sentence in anonymity… just a singer without a song, a poet who cannot summon the gift of words Still, this sense of awareness does little to alter reality and this cerebral itch...does little to hush the chatter of my imagination. ~ Hypnotic thoughts… Continue reading Release Me

This poem by johncoyote shows there is beauty in words!

When I close my eyes my love The consequences of finding you was to love and need you forever. My auburn hair muse, you have driven me into madness of needing places of bliss and sweet kiss with you near. Do you think of me? I think of you always and you haunt my dreams […]… Continue reading This poem by johncoyote shows there is beauty in words!