Acrostic (Seducer of Words)

She sits…sheer thighs draped over Cherry wood
Escalating to foreplay with her muse
Drenched with words eager to satisfy…
Usurping passion to lay down a verse, while
Chanting the lonely hearts lament…yet dreaming of his touch.
Ever enthused to dance with anticipation…she fills her inkwell full of sin, poised to
Rain down upon the eager of detonating pages.

Old Cognac spirits and vintage wines dances wild upon her tongue
Flesh squeezed tight within the wake of aftershocks, while her tattered heart bleeds inside.

With love in her eyes she writes with the skill of a surgeon…dissecting the scars of
Old wounds to introduce a cure…fierce to tear through the veils of misfit shadows
Recalling the shine…remembering the sublime.
Delicate threads embrace her seams…of this part time hellcat…this
Seducer of dreams

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