What Pearl are You

I am a woman in her season,
Both solstice and equinox;
smooth as the rivers run,
firm as the miraculous mountains
where the sun descends to rest.
I am a sojourner in this life;
formed from dust, breath and pulse.
 I am as subtle as a southern breeze,
cool as rain, and passionate as fire.
My heart is fated, having known love
before it was seduced by words.
It was written in a poem by my soul;
if you ever wish to read it,
search the pages of my heart, 
there’s no need to spill it here.
I am companion and confessor,
both stranger and welcomed guest.
I am she who cries tears
that traces the evidence of
yours and mine encounter; 
born in spring…yet died in fall.
I am a poetess with a pen stirring flames,
holding on to each tempestuous second; 
for love and lust between man and woman,
though customary, has us stumbling over buried treasure…
staining the legacy of days and nights
with bare backed ridings and empty dismounts.
I am heart, and mind to my spiritual essence,
the speaker of my house till journey’s end.
I am she who lives life and welcomes a friend to my door.
And if you knock and ask “what pearl are you?”
I’ll smile through my eyes and say…
beloved…I am love.

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