Acrostic (Seducer of Words)

She sits...sheer thighs draped over Cherry wood Escalating to foreplay with her muse Drenched with words eager to satisfy... Usurping passion to lay down a verse, while Chanting the lonely hearts lament...yet dreaming of his touch. Ever enthused to dance with anticipation...she fills her inkwell full of sin, poised to Rain down upon the eager… Continue reading Acrostic (Seducer of Words)

The Storm

It started as a restless breeze gaining momentum along its path; awakening the memories of my yesterday, raining down on the sins of my past.   It broke through with a thunderous invocation, inciting waves of fear and reverent pleas, as I knelt to keep from falling, crying, “ father, have mercy on me.”  … Continue reading The Storm

What Pearl are You

I am a woman in her season, Both solstice and equinox; smooth as the rivers run, firm as the miraculous mountains where the sun descends to rest. I am a sojourner in this life; formed from dust, breath and pulse. ~  I am as subtle as a southern breeze, cool as rain, and passionate as fire. My heart is fated,… Continue reading What Pearl are You


Living in nothing days with pale skies, crushing time beneath sinful feet; she watches with blood stained eyes blind ambivalent souls clutching on to hope, but mocking faith. look away Let it Pass.